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Through the international representation and collaboration, IFAAO is to be the central global source of advancement in food authenticity.


As a public forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices around authenticity, IFAAO is a place for stakeholders to gather in a single, non-competitive environment.  IFAAO and its collaborative partners are uniquely placed to position themselves as the leading global authority on food authenticity.

A non-profit organization, IFAAO operates for research, scientific, and educational purposes to:

  • Define food authenticity and build awareness around the need for food authenticity.

  • Educate and train the public with respect to food authenticity.

  • Research and publicly disseminate information food authenticity.

  • Enable the non-competitive sharing of experiences in the management of food authenticity.

  • Aid in the advancement of the creation of a harmonized international standard that will help to  establish the authenticity of food ingredients.

  • Offer guidance to the food industry regarding food authenticity. 

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